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ISH2022 Points to Remember

[Points to Remember in regard to online viewing]
  1. Unauthorized recording of all and any content posted on the website, saving, downloading, republishing on other websites and other similar activities, including but not limited to using the screenshot function of the viewing device, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Please refrain from transferring your viewing ID / password to or sharing it with a third party. One registration ID can only be used by one person. Please make sure each participant has a valid registration.
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[Recommended Viewing Environment for this website]
The following environment is recommended for viewing. If your environment differs from the one recommended here, some or all services may not be available.

Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

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<Internet connection>
• An internet connection speed of 2 Mbps or higher is required for video playback.
• If your connection speed is insufficient, you may experience playback problems, such as only hearing the audio and video streaming disruptions.
• Even if the contractual connection speed is higher than the speed recommended above, your line may become unstable depending on the network conditions (e.g., due to increased traffic), and viewing may still be hindered. In this case, please check your network conditions.
• Please note that if you are accessing the online viewing website from an institutional network, you may not be able to watch the streaming video depending on the institutional security settings.